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Do You Have Questions About Probate?  We have the answers!

  • Is the will valid? Why is the property division different than what our relative told us?
  • What if there are different wills?
  • What if the executor isn't doing his/her job properly? What can the beneficiaries do?
  • What is a TennCare release and why can't we sell the decedent's real property until we get one?
  • How should we value the property? What if we can't agree who should get what?

Probating a will without a lawyer can lead to petty squabbles and wasted money.  Our law firm will guide you through the process and help you avoid probate pitfalls.

We are committed to answering your questions when you need them answered.

Contact the legal team with years of experience.  David Coates has handled probate matters in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Florida.  Brian Caldwell is a current UTC professor with an extensive long term care insurance background. We have helped hundreds of others with a myriad of legal issues.  Let us be the ones to help you!
I spent two years dealing with my brothers to resolve a dispute over the sale of my late mother's house.  We participated in mediation, but nothing seemed to get done.  After speaking with Mr. Coates, he was able to get the dispute resolved, the house sold and the estate settled within 3 months.  I am grateful for all his help.

                                                               - Satisfied client
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